Grafigny (or Graffigny), Françoise d'Issembourg d'Happoncourt, Mme de

   Born in Nancy, Françoise d'issembourg d'Happon-court, or Mme de Grafigny as she is also known, was married quite young to an abusive husband who caused her to leave and seek refuge with voltaire at the home of Mme de châtelet at Cirey. Her Lettres, which are very revealing, were published in 1820. Mme de Grafigny went to Paris in 1743, where she held a salon and gained much recognition for her Lettres d'une Péruvienne (1747), a spirited parody of Montesquieu's Lettres persanes, in which she gives a lively critique of the society of her day. one of her plays, Cénie (1750), was also well received.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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